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Let us help you craft your UNIQUE compelling messaging, story and strategy that will multiply your REVENUE

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✔ Craft Your Unique Message and Story  
✔ Stand Out & Expand Your Brand
✔ Attract Your Ideal Client and Multiply Revenue

Step 1: We'll Help You DECIDE Your Unique Angle

After building one of the top businesses in the FAT LOSS, nutrition, and fitness space, I discovered a process to stand out and cut through all of the noise (there is A LOT). 

What made me stand out? I understood the power of positioning & storytelling. Now it is the very thing I want to help YOU with.

We all HAVE a story but it is how we tell our stories that attract others to us. A well told story allows others to see themselves in YOU and be drawn to learn more from you.

We do this by uncovering your unique angle and exact problem you solve, AKA the greater purpose, or real reason why you MUST share your story with the world. This creates an immediate attraction to you.

Step 2: VISION Focused Positioning With Purpose

After uncovering your unique angle & exact problem you solve, our next step is to position with purpose. 

Being relatable allows us to connect with others. Believe it or not, people want to root for you. And they love a good underdog. 

We position you as relatable by uncovering your captivating journey, rather than sharing the success or the destination.

Step 3: Plan of ACTION with Compelling Messaging

Finally, we will pull it all together and craft your story an irresistible and compelling way. 

You will know exactly who to tell your story to and how to share it in a simple, focused, and effective way. 

Step 4: Share and Repeat

Now that your unique angle, positioning, and character is established, you will have the conviction, certainty, and belief that your story MUST be shared, we will come up with a plan of action for where to share it and how that works with your your unique personality and style!

The result is an expanded online presence that effortlessly attracts significantly more of your ideal avatar (customer) resulting in brand and revenue growth.

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A Message From Natalie Jill

Hi there! After a decade of experience in crafting messaging and building, a new problem was brought to my attention. Successful founders, business owners, and personal brands were stuck uncovering, verbalizing, and communicating the gifts they knew they had inside. 

Thus, I created the Brand Story Expansion method to help you uncover & craft your unique message which up-levels your story and turns your ideal clients into raving fans. All while finding new, untapped profit centers, which will quickly boost the bottom line. 

My gift is pulling the messaging out of you in such a way that you and your team will be crystal clear on your vision, your ideal client, and the next steps needed to attract them!

I look forward to connecting and helping YOU with your Brand Story Expansion!

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